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High Powered Servers to handle any number of miners

A fair Reward System that reward all miners of all sizes.

Payout Every 1hr. No Minimum Rewards.

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Current Block 1507 / 150686
Next PoW Time 2019-06-26T13:16:46.310Z
Difficulty Shard/DS 676612215729 / 102352975179403
Share Difficulty 100 Gh/s
PoW Workers 92 / 1489
ZIL Nodes 2 / 264
Hashrate 14.2 Gh/s
Reward System PPLNS
Fee 1%

I am a Miner

Step 1: Create a Zilliqa Wallet on https://moonlet.xyz

Step 2: Download and extract Download ZILMiner

Step 3: Run ZILMiner with following settings user manual

zilminer --pow-end-timeout=10 --farm-recheck=5000 --work-timeout=14400 --farm-retries=99 --retry-delay=990 -P zil://[registered address].[worker name]@pool.zil.farm:5000/api
zilminer --pow-end-timeout=10 --farm-recheck=5000 --work-timeout=14400 --farm-retries=99 --retry-delay=990 -P zil://0x19036f70226309A91B2F541148D4C73e6983eE29.miner@pool.zil.farm:5000/api

Step 4: Setup Dual Mining Dual Mine Scripts


I am not seeing my miner

If you use an incorrect miner address, you will have this problem. Please message support if you do.