Zilliqa Mining Pool

High Powered Servers to handle any number of Zilliqa miners

A fair Reward System that reward all miners of all sizes.

Payout Every 1hr. No Minimum Rewards Required.

Dual Mine Enabled, Windows, HiveOS, SMOS, Miner Stats, Ethos

NiceHash Compatible

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Current Block 3988 / 398724
Next PoW Time 2020-01-26T09:49:01.111Z
Difficulty Shard/DS 732996567039 / 80420194783817
Share Difficulty 4 Gh/s
PoW Workers 302 / 845
ZIL Nodes 7 / 283
Hashrate 73.5 Gh/s
Reward System PPLNS
Fee 1%

I am a Miner Or Nice Hash Miner

Step 1: Create a Zilliqa Wallet on https://moonlet.xyz You can use new or old format address

Step 2: Download and extract Mine of your choice ZILMiner Phoenix Miner Claymore Miner

Step 3: Run Phoenix Miner or Claymore Miner or Nice Hash using scripts Dual Mine Scripts

Nice Hash Example:
-pool pool.zil.farm -port 3333 -username zil1rypk7upzvvy6jxe02sg534x88e5c8m3fdpdtaj.miner -password x

Run Zil Miner with the following settings user manual GetWork
zilminer --pow-end-timeout=10 --work-timeout=14400 --farm-retries=99 --retry-delay=50 -P zil://[registered address].[worker name]@pool.zil.farm:5000/api
zilminer --pow-end-timeout=10 --work-timeout=14400 --farm-retries=99 --retry-delay=50 -P zil://0x19036f70226309A91B2F541148D4C73e6983eE29.miner@pool.zil.farm:5000/api

Step 4: Setup Dual Mining. We highly recommend Dual Mining for more efficiency Dual Mine Scripts Windows Dual Mine Scripts HiveOS Dual Mine Scripts Simple Mining OS Dual Mine Scripts Ethos


Have any questions, need help with setting up scripts?

Message Us, 24/hr support